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For more chicly drawn sorceresses, witches and space travelers, follow @elenikalorkoti.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Eleni Kalorkoti’s (@elenikalorkoti) inspiration for the strange and stylish characters she illustrates comes from eclectic sources including ’70s cinema, “Columbo” and dance costumes by Oskar Schlemmer. “Last week I went to see a David Bowie exhibition,” she says, “and now I want to draw everyone wearing quilted jumpsuits.”

For Eleni, Instagram provides an opportunity to share inspiration as well as works in progress. “It’s nice to get some feedback on something after working on it alone in your room all day,” she says. “It’s also a great place to share someone else’s work and hopefully send some new people their way.”


Full-Time Freelance | http://ift.tt/1qfdJAg


Full-Time Freelance | http://ift.tt/1qfdJAg


Mt. Bromo, Indonesia | Fisherman Pong


Mt. Bromo, Indonesia | Fisherman Pong


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  • FOUCAULT: Yes, but then isn't there a danger here? If you say that a certain human nature exists, that this human nature has not been given in actual society the rights and the possibilities which allow it to realise itself...that's really what you have said, I believe.
  • Chomsky: ...
  • Foucault: And if one admits that, doesn't one risk defining this human nature which is at the same time ideal and real, and has been hidden and repressed until now - in terms borrowed from our society, from our civilisation, from our culture?
  • Chomsky: You know I came out here to have a good time and I'm honestly feeling so attacked right now.

Flåm, Norway | Andrew Cawa


Flåm, Norway | Andrew Cawa




take a moment to realize you have never seen your face in person, just reflections and pictures


some scientists agree that if you saw a clone of yourself, you wouldn’t recognise it as you, because our idea of what we look like is so different from what we actually look like

This gave me anxiety





for what, I have no fucking clue.
but saying “parallels” automatically makes any post sound 30% smarter

I have been racking my brain on this for awhile and I think i might have a theory.

In many ways Pacific Rim is about people. The decisions they make and how they interact with each other. I think that’s why it has the fan following it does. We all empathize with the characters, they feel like real people. Its something missing from most big budget action flicks. They are people that have been hurt by war and some of them express it in ways we understand while others don’t.

It takes two people to drift. A pair, just like a pair of shoes. Without one shoe you are hobbled, impaired. You need two shoes working together to be a complete person and you need two pilots working together to have a complete Jaeger. When Mako loses her family (and her shoe) as a little girl she becomes half a person. she leads a full life but its tainted by her obsession with revenge. She’s one shoe. The other shoe is Raleigh hes lost his other half and he’s broken, disgraced and gone into hiding. Hes also obsessed but by despair instead of revenge. When Pentecost gives Mako her shoe back she finally has permission to find her other half. She does and with his help they both find peace as a pair of Jaeger pilots.

So really the shoe is two things. Obsession and Partnership.

With Hannibal’s shoe you start out with the idea of obsession. Which is something Newt struggles with. He and Hannibal both have that in common but Hannibal’s obsession has corrupted him while Newt’s is scattered and hes ultimately trying to be a force for good. Under the right circumstances I could see Newt easily go that Hannibal direction. Which is kinda what I took away when he lifts up that shoe (after Hannibal is consumed by his own obsession in the form of the baby kaiju) and looks at it. Luckily there’s partnership. That’s where Hermann comes in. (interestingly enough in the cut scene where Hermann is holding Newt after his solo drift he is losing his shoe which shows that same idea of shoes/partnership.) Hermann’s big old floppy dirty oxfords are the opposite of the jingly shiny Hannibal shoe. He prevents Newt from going down that road by being his other half. Just like Raleigh is to Mako.

Again, the same two ideas. Obsession and Partnership.

So they are all literally Solemates. (haha)

If I could add my own thoughts to some really gorgeous meta? :U

I recall Guillermo talking about colors, and how everything about Mako in this scene is blue, it’s all blues and cool tones- and then the shoe is red.

He likened the shoe to Mako’s heart. A child, clutching the broken remnants of her heart, the thing she desires most- her family, her childhood, in the palm of her hands, in the moment it has all been taken away from her. That comes back as very important later, when Stacker gives her back that tiny red shoe. Gives her her heart back, finally allows himself to trust her so that she can go after what she wants- justice for her childhood and all the things they’ve lost in this war.

I think it’s something very similar there, that image of Newt with Hannibal’s shoe is that moment after Newt has really been disillusioned about the Kaiju. They aren’t what he thought they were. He’s lost every idea he ever had about how awesome and cool the Kaiju are, that feeling of glory is gone. Color is so damn telling in everything Del Toro has ever directed, and what is gold? Fame, glory, heroics, everything Newt wanted, in the moment it’s been taken away from him.

Two very distinct moments of loss.


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